Now, green toning can be resolved with aesthetic technology advancements. It is possible now to disclose multiple complexion improvements at once. Many people have hyperpigmentation, darkened scars, Asian complexions, and melasma which can be disappointing or embarrassing. Asian skin types prone to hyperpigmentation, if they get green toning, it will not be safe for such skin types. If it happens, you can get Green Toning Toronto treatment to rejuvenate your skin.

How does green toning laser technology work?

Green Toning Laser technologies use the same that is used in angel whitening and panda eyes laser treatment. A multi-wavelength nanosecond system is used to remove pigment that leaves smooth, toned, and clear skin.

This is a non-ablative laser skin rejuvenation that ensures that the surface layers of the skin will not be damaged or cause excessive peeling. Green toning is therefore much more convenient and needs little or no downtime than intense lasers such as CO2.

Green Toning uses two separate light energy wavelengths, as Fotona’s pico technology works to remove tattoos. The YAG Q-switching wavelength treats deeper pigments, and the KTP Wavelength Q-switch targets surface pigment. Very fast nanosecond bursts treat both dermal and epidermal layers to shatter pigment, which is then flushed off by the body spontaneously. The photo-acoustic react in the skin to eliminate pigments in such tiny particles that allows them to remove more carefully and quicker.

What areas can be treated?

Green Toning can treat any part of the body with pigment. Our customers typically lighten their faces, their décolletage, and their hands where the skin has the most amounts of sun exposure and harm from the atmosphere.

Green Toning is also used to treat post-inflammatory pigmentation ( PIH) caused by skin bruises, such as burns, cuts, or surgical scars.

Who is a good candidate for green toning?

Green toning minimizes epidermal and dermal skin melasma, chloasma, and pigmentation. People with Fair-skinned and Asian skin tones (types 1 to 3) can take advantage of this technology. You should mix the Green Toning treatments with chemical peeling and other lasers. Moreover, our beauty specialists will be delighted to give you advice on high-quality medical skincare formulas to make your face brighter, exfoliate, and tone. It is quite safe and secure treatment and it has a very fast recovery.  For more information, you should personally visit our clinic, so that we can suggest you the best treatment that works well for you.


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