Tinnitus is the problem of hearing sounds or ringing in your ear especially for old people. It is categorized into two –Subjective and objective Tinnitus. The common of the two is the subjective Tinnitus, this is where you hear the ringing or the sounds inside alone, and nobody around you hears them. On the other hand, objective tinnitus is where both you and the people around you hear the sounds. 

The problem often starts from damage in the inner ear caused by an injury in the head or the neck which affects the ear. The core damage is done on the hair cells in the cochlea that may get the hair broken and in turn cause sound leakage to the ear. Sometimes one can hear the heartbeat inside the ear during quiet times, especially at night. Some people find Tinnitus annoying especially at work when you can’t concentrate at all.

Treatment for Tinnitus.

Chronic Tinnitus can be treated to minimize the noise to a more bearable one. This does not heal tinnitus, in fact, it has no cure. With time, the complication always gets better on its own. These bring up the question, how do you prevent Tinnitus?

How to prevent Tinnitus.

  • Hearing Aids.

If you work in a noisy place, here are recommendations to protect your hearing-Wearing earplugs or earmuffs and make sure to follow the hearing protection set by your boss.

Recreational events like sports usually come with a lot of noise hence bothering the ear. Always wear earplugs or earmuffs. However, do not use staff like cotton as they do not offer quality protection on the ear.

  • Avoid its causes.

For some people, there is always what aggravates Tinnitus. It could be caffeine, alcohol, etc. Always avoid anything that triggers the Tinnitus. These vary from person to person, what triggers yours is not what triggers mine. Try to understand what aggravates it and avoid it at all costs.

  • Fight stress.

To prevent Tinnitus, make sure to practice stress-relieving exercises, these include- breathing exercises, calming activities, etc.

  • Meet an Audiologist.

To have the best advice or treatment, visit an audiologist who is an expert in the ear problem. Audiologie Centre-Ouest offers the best service in the Tinnitus evaluation. It has a guide on the steps to follow to get their help. They advise contacting them and booking an appointment to get your treatment on time. 


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