June 2021


Are summers the only reason that causes dehydration? If you said yes, then you definitely need to read this blog to understand different cause of dehydration and how to keep yourself hydrated especially in summer. Before we jump into the details lets first understand what dehydration is exactly.

In simple terms, the intake of water is less than the amount of output of water. You are consuming less water, but your body is removing more water out of your system then you need personal trainer .dehydration can be caused by:

  • Sweat which is caused by excessive heat, workouts, being under the sun for long or working in places with less to no ventilation. The body sweats to keep itself cool in such conditions and if there is inadequate intake if water you will feel dehydrated.
  • Diarrhea is another cause of dehydration. There is huge water loss through stool and one can surely balance it with the help of ample water replenishment. Diarrhea can be caused by various reasons like bacteria and virus, stale food, processed foods etc.
  • Bad food or food poisoning can lead to vomiting which is another common cause of dehydration. Sometimes vomiting is also accompanied by mild diarrhea which contributes to water loss. This will also cause major dehydration.

Now how do you keep yourself hydrated?

As we understand that dehydration is caused due to water loss, so it means you need to consume more liquid in order to stay hydrated. Excessive water retention in your body is bad, but at the same time, less water also dried up the body. The personal trainer London gives you ample option to choose the exact amount of water that is required by your body. 

  • Water is not the only source to keep yourself hydrated, you can consume fresh fruits juice, fresh vegetable juices, consume fruits and vegetables with high water content like watermelon, cucumber orange, tomatoes, peaches etc.

There are electrolyte powders or electrolyte-based drinks available in the stores, you can consume that too to keep yourself hydrated especially after any work out or training session. But it is always advisable not to choose market-based electrolytes that have preservatives. On the other hand, the personal trainer London gives you advice on how to choose natural electrolyte. 

  • We know just plain water can sometimes feel boring, so you can make spa water which will change the taste of the water for you and also enrich it with the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables that you add to the water. You can add cucumber, watermelon, mint, coriander, lemon, sweet lime, your favorite berries, and anything that you can come up with to make drinking water fun especially for the kids.
  • We love to be outdoor, but it is best to be indoors as much as you can during summertime. Not necessary to be at home, you can be at work, in a mall or shopping Centre, in a theatre, in a café etc. basically anywhere under the roof to avoid exposure to the sun.
  • The type of cloth, texture, color, material also help you in staying hydrated. Dark colors are known to absorb heat which will make you feel hotter and sweat more. Go for light colors or pastel colors, they will keep you light and comfortable even in the hot summer. Cotton is the most preferred cloth material in summertime.
  • If you have to step out in the sun during summertime, make sure to cover your head with a cap or hat or a scarf. Covering head makes sure that you do not get a heat stroke and also keeping the crown area of the head covered also maintains your body temperature keeping from dehydrating. You can ask your personal trainer London to allow you to exercise in a shady place so that you do not suffer from heat stroke. 

During summertime avoid having caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee, and alcohol, instead for coolers, shakes, mocktails, fresh fruit juices etc. basically anything cool. Avoid tea, coffee, and alcohol because they are known to generate heat from within the body. 


Apart from knowing how to stay hydrated in summer it is also important to know the symptoms of dehydration which can be feeling dizzy or lightheaded, feeling nausea, dry throat, and mouth etc. in severe cases it is suggested to seek professional help and these points here will help you avoid such situation.